Victoria Beckham the new Mia Farrow?

Here is a juicy bit of news! We are in the thick of New York Fashion Week. Everyone has been scouring the papers and the web to get their fill of fashion, celebrities behaving badly, and model drama. You may have noticed that one of my favorite fashionistas, Posh Spice, has been completely absent from the festivities thus far.

A little birdie told me she went to Garren Salon straight from the PJ (private jet for those of you out of the upper echelon acronym loop) to get rid of that tired bob which I hear was full of extensions...hence adding to the lollipop head. She is now sporting a Mia Farrow via Rosemary's Baby style cropped pixie cut. Vicky B has been holed up in her hotel room since Friday night (good God think of that room service bill!....oh wait, she doesn't eat---think of that mini bar bill!)

This is sure to cause quite a stir and get those tongues wagging when she makes her grand entrance at the Marc Jacobs show and party Monday night. I can't wait!!

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