Fat-Asses of the World Unite!

Does the thought of narrow stadium seats make you cringe? The thought of hard plastic cutting into your flesh, muffin tops spilling over the arm rests to the horror and dismay of your neighbors? Well fear not fatties, organizers of the 2012 Olympics in London are accomodating you by ordering wider seats for the stadiums. I find this raises a serious question though...Should society condone this "flabberization" of its population?

Check out the article:
Do Bigger Chairs Make Bigger Butts


  1. I have often thought how uncomfortable it would be has a fat ass and be forced to sit in those awful plastic seats.... but, then again when I am on mile 3 I often think about how grateful I am my ass can fit in normal seats!

    Also, I have joined the blog world! Check it out. Brittany

  2. one could think of it the other way... the widening of seats is not for comfort of the wider folks, but for those who have to sit beside them...

  3. Touche, my friend, touche!


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