My biggest fear....

My biggest fear splashed across the pages of NY Magazine.


  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2007

    sad read all around. my group of friends has expressed worry that one of our girlfriends is about to embark on this path with a guy she's dated forever... at least this is becoming a decreasingly common problem, but probably still happens more than most would guess. the sad part is you can almost read that he feels that if he doesn't end the marriage he protects his wife from the pain as she'll never know, yet doesn't see that in reality it's just going to lead to both leading an unfulfilled life - that he is in fact reducing her opportunity of finding someone to truly make her happy with each passing year. and what are the chances that their kid is going to end up answering his own dad's ad one day or leave his girlfriend in sportswear while he slips off to a staff washroom at Barney's?

  2. Oh yikes! Do you guys have evidence that your friend's fiance is gay, or is your gaydar going off? I dated a guy for a bit who claimed to be straight, but all my gay friends thought was definitely batting for their team. Listen to the gays...they know their own. Even though the guy insisted he was straight, I don't doubt that at one time or another his curiosity will get the better of him. He better watch out for the bareback top and Barney's bathrooms!!

  3. AnonymousJuly 23, 2007

    we don't know for sure, but have lots of circumstantial evidence... mainly, we have several gay friends in our circle and he is pretty negative about hanging out with them, tells her he just doesn't click with them well.. also refuses to drink ever, and not b/c there is some family history of alcoholism or something - we interpret it as a control thing and he is worried about being drunk and not being in control... plus he's "missed/slipped/etc.." a fair bit with her and then felt really weird about it... and other more revealing lines that if she read she'd figure out who i'm writing about! :) but i did email her that article link in a huge group email, so it wouldn't seem so obvious...


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