Fatties----not in Manhattan

America has an obesity problem? Seriously, I hardly ever see really fat people in Manhattan. Yes, I may sit in a chair and stare at a computer screen all day, but living in New York requires that you have to get off your ass and walk just to survive. Below is a normal day in NYC for me (and most New Yorkers). Normal tasks take on new meaning when you don't have a gas-guzzling SUV to haul you and your junk around.

- Commuting: On my way to work I walk up and down 199 stairs each way (yes, I counted yesterday) for a grand total of 398 stairs a day including walking to and from the subway and train station. I am going to guess that most people get in their car that is parked in the attached garage and circle the parking lot at work to find the closest spot possible (if not pirate the visitors or handicapped parking space).

- The grocery store: Yep, I walk to the grocery store, buy my food for the week and carry my bags home. Thank god I live 5 minutes away from Whole Foods (I use to have to take the subway to the grocery store - more stairs), and at least I don't live in a walk-up. I probably end up burning off the bag of groceries before I consume it. Haha.

- Shopping: There is no mall in Manhattan, and the closest Target is either at 225th Street or in New Jersey. One-stop shopping is virtually unheard of....and that means one thing: walking...with shopping bags.

- Working out: Yes, after all that you must either walk or take the subway (which includes stairs) to the gym. It's a nice little warm up, especially in the winter.

The SATC lifestyle of taking cabs everywhere gets really expensive really fast, so I would venture to say that most of us either use public trans or hoof it. Granted, you do hear freak stories of people having to be removed from their apartments with a crane, but for the most part people are quite slim here. I am sure it helps that a bag of groceries will run you $30. Gotta love Manhattan, kids.


  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2007

    seriously. any time one feels like they need to go on a diet, they can simply recalibrate their sense of where they fall on the continuum by getting out of a major city and seeing how huge portions and people are out there. then you can come back feeling like a waif and skip the gym without regret!

  2. I noticed that same thing when each time that I've been to NYC. I like your blog, I found it from a search someone did on "Naomi Campbell fierce". YOur blog was first and my blog came up second.

  3. Thanks. I love writing it. I can't wait to see Naomi in the Dunkin Donuts commercial. That will take the cake....or er donut.

  4. NYmag is clearly taking their lead from scapeny now...


    Stay tuned for their next feature story on the increasingly anatomically correct modern mannequin with quotes from Lisa Rinna...


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