Rats at Pinkberry!

Pinkberry is easily the new Magnolia Bakery with scores of people lining up around the corner for a cup of sweet, swirly goodness.......looks like they may get an unexpected dose of rat turd toppings! YUM!

Rats Invade Pinkberry Yogurt Shop

MyFoxNY.com -- Pinkberry's frozen yogurt is popular with people -- and rats.
The vermin were seen scurrying around the Upper East Side store Sunday morning. Rats were also a few from the yogurt machine, and that's not far from bins of fresh fruit toppings.
Owners said they shocked by the discovery and have since sanitized all their New York outlets.
However, word of the mice didn't seem to stop people from lining up outside the shop, which is on 82nd Street and Second Avenue.
A few months ago, cameras captured swarms of rats inside a KFC/Taco Bell in the West Village.
The Health Department closed that eatery.

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