Tubism: Cars = Utter Ridiculousness

I am a huge supporter of the arts and personal expression, but this is just ridiculous. While spending a glorious Sunday doing what I love best: strolling and observing the wild ride that is NYC, I happened upon two cars parked in Union Square with giant white tubing entwined in and around the vehicles. Of course, I had to take a picture. A fellow observer had a card that explained the "happening".

What If?
Tubisms: Cars - A Surreal Street Spectacle by Kathryne Hall (complete with NYC summer tour dates and other info)

Um, what if what? What if the Home Depot on 23rd street transformed itself into a Godzilla-like creature and reeked havoc on NYC autos, engulfing them in a knot of air conditioner duct tubing? What if NYC decided to use tubing as the new "boot" to embarrass parking ticket delinquents? I could go on, really. Also, I find it hard to describe a "surreal street spectacle" as something that people point and laugh at. Possibly a spectacle, yes, but I think this claim is a little over the top. I also don't think this would be considered 'surreal' by any art critic's discerning eye: think of Dali, Man Ray, Miro and their peers....tubes and cars are not quite fitting in this genre.

There will be an NYC summer tour of this traveling outdoor installation, so have fave fun! And please, by all means check the website for tour dates, updates and exact locations.

What If? Tubism: Cars by Kathryn Hall

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