John Derian Boutique

John Derian is one of the coolest stores I have come across. Like ScapeNY, I would describe it as a cabinet of curiosities containing everything from books, antique bug collections, decoupage plates, paperweights, and just about anything you really want but don't in any way need. Settled on E. 2nd Street next to the Bowery Hotel, you feel as if you have walked into a different time and place when you enter the store. A slight musty smell doesn't make you think grandma's attic, but of a place which houses truly unique finds. My favorite are the small initial letter plates in the front window, which are a perfect gift. Definitely check this place out and prepare to transport yourself off of the busy streets of NYC and into a world that is a little slower, quieter, and extremely unique.

John Derian Boutique - 6 E. 2nd Street btwn 2nd Ave and Bowery

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