Socialite Rank - RIP

I am traumatized...I feel like my best friend, boy friend, and dog have all died in the same day. This is the final day of my beloved NYC scene site, Socialite Rank. As I excitedly sat down at my laptop this morning to begin my ritual of email checking, blog reading, etc....wiggling my fingers with fanciful anticipation of today's post i could not contain myself.... w-w-w.s-o-c-i-a-l-i-t-e-r-a-n-k.c-o-m. The headline read: The Year of the Rank----Oh goodie! Updated ranking! THEN CRUSHED. Socialite Rank no more. The story goes that SR was created to last only 1 year and would end in 365 days regardless of popularity, loathing, or complacence. Well, the site took off and now we are all left wondering where we will read about the Frick Ball Bathroom Bandits, lame socialite antics, and how we will fill the void of living vicariously through these beauties while we slave at our computers in the unflattering fluorescent light of an office. I must give them credit though...get out while you are on top instead of winnowing away into oblivion.

Bon voyage Socialite has been an awesome ride!

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