The Place

The Place is an intimate West Village restaurant and bar with a warm Moroccan vibe. It was the perfect cure for a chilly spring Friday night with their upscale American fare. I walk past this place frequently (always looks intriguing), and after checking out the other places on the W 4th restaurant row, we decided to stick out the 45 minute wait and give it a try. The waitstaff was adequate, but the food is what really shined. I had the hanger steak with whipped potatoes and asparagus which was absolutely divine and stick to your ribs good without being overwhelming. The patrons were predominantly Euros which always leads for great people watching. I do say that the Europeans flock to good food and drink, and we were not disappointed. Definitely check it out if you are looking for great food, lighting that would make the most haggard look flawless, or a hidden little spot to call your own.

The Place : W 4th btwn Bank and 12th

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