I Love Austin

I was in Austin, Texas last weekend (my second favorite city in the world) so I though I would run down a top 10 things I love about Austin....

1- Weather - OMG it was sunny, in the 70s, and the trees were leafy and green. On the flip side, NYC was in the 40s, rainy, and there are no leaves on any trees.

2- Mexican Food - Chips-n-salsa is the breadbasket of Texas, everything is covered in cheese, and I can't put into words my love of good margaritas.

3- Moon Towers - Recall the movie Dazed and Confused, and yes, the moon towers do really exist (and I did try to climb one after having a little to much to drink one night in college). As Matthew McConaughey (UT alum) would say, "I love those high school girls...I keep getting older and they stay the same age."

4- University of Texas (obvi) - One of the most gorgeous campuses in the country. It even has a new enormous outdoor swimming pool....great procrastination device. Love it!

5- South Congress - 7 years ago it was dingy antique shops and Lucy in Disguise....now it is the hot spot of Austin with trendy boutiques, tons of live music, Hotel San Jose, and oh so much more. Yes, the Austin Motel sign does resemble a part of the male anatomy.

6- Barton Springs - I couldn't make it there last weekend, but I love this place. Lay on the grass until you are so hot you can't stand it then go take a plunge in the 62 degree spring fed pool. Exhilarating.

7- Trudys - Mexican martinis are amazing.....attempt the Trudy's Trifecta if you dare (2 Mexican martinis at each of the 3 Trudy's locations), but please have a DD.

8- By George - Awesome boutique that now has three locations in Austin. Put Austin on the map as shopping goes.

9- Congress Ave. Bridge Bats - Twice a year the bats come to Texas as the migrate for the seasons. They always stay under the Congress Ave. bridge and come out in what has been described as a giant black cloud at dusk. I have never seen them in person, but I have tried like a million times. Damn you bats!

10- You can wear flip flops anywhere and feel adequately dressed. A pedi is mandatory in this city.

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