Sighting: Chelsea Clinton - Grace Church

Celebrity sighting of the week: Chelsea Clinton at Grace Church for Palm Sunday services.

I was sitting in the pew zoning out and relaxing when I noticed that the group in front of me was getting quite a few stares. They had come in about 5 minutes after the service had started and were meeting a friend. I had no idea who it actually was until it was time to "Share the Peace" and shake hands with all your neighboring worshipers. When she turned around she instantly looked familiar, but not in a gorgeous movie star way, but in a completely normal you may have met her at a party way. I remember seeing a picture of Chelsea and boyfriend/fiance a week or so before in US Weekly, and that is really the only reason I made the connection. I did notice however, that there was a hole in the sleeve of her shirt, and her bf kept touching her back throughout the entire service. Sorry, I had to make a catty stab where I could, but this is church. I was wondering the whole time though what she was praying about.....maybe Clinton for President in '08? Hmmmmmm.

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