The only thing cheaper in NYC

From living in NYC you expect almost everything to be astronomically priced. This is the city where the average one-bedroom apartment is $1.2 million, cocktails are commonly $15 a pop, and spending $30 a person at dinner is a complete steal. The ONE thing that is cheaper in NYC than anywhere else is getting manicures and pedicures. You can literally pay $20-$30 bucks and get a mani AND pedi. The other thing I love about the nail places here is that it is a complete faux pas to get trailer park acrylic nails and, therefore, the places do not smell like a meth lab. It is a completely relaxing indulgence on the cheap, and makes me feel like a million bucks (or a $1.2 millon apartment).

Check out Soho Nails on W. Broadway btwn Houston and Prince for the fabulous $20 mani and pedi. Stellar.

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