Naked Dancing Men

If you are a male and are in need of a humbling experience please visit The 20 Club on Sunday night. My latest non-hetero adventure took me to a gay strip club. I had been to regular (ie- women with guys watching) strip clubs a few times in college, and wound up critiquing the stripper's moves with my female cohorts like I was a judge at a Julliard admittance performance meets Joan Rivers and the fashion police. Never though, had I been to a club where the guys were doing the stripping. The entire premise in going was to steak out a friend we heard was dancing on the side and laugh uncontrollably while he stripped down to his euro-style undies and gave dirty old men lap dances.

I arrived with three guys and my two girlfriends (never before had the ratio been so even), and after the $20 cover and $3 coat check, and a $10 Corona we were in the disco ball, black light, velvet chair laden space. Then came the after the other on the main stage: each with is own shtick, and most looking greasy and quite bridge and tunnel. There was a cowboy, two soldiers in camo (who were the hottest), gangsters, guidos, bodybuilders, and even a wrestler complete with unitard and ear covers. Now, I have seen my share of the male anatomy from time to time, but some of these guys were completely out of control...I mean you take one look at that and all you can say is, "No, there is no way." It was a freak show. Some of them could have been right next to the bearded lady and the lizard man at the circus.

So, after the initial shock wore off we actually had a great time. It turns out that half of the guys are straight, and I think my girlfriend got the digits from one of the dancers. Hot. A guy wearing a Tarzan-style loin cloth even voiced his hatred of giving lap dances to gross old men to my roommate. Two of my boys got dances (one was from our friend...awkward), and I was brave enough to venture to the stage and stick dollar bills in my friend's g-string when he was dancing. I am not going to lie...."Matt" is the cutest dancer there.

Overall, we did make baby Jesus cry by going to a gay strip club on a Sunday, but we had a damn good time and saw some much needed hot boys without shirts (or pants for that matter).

PS boys- Take off your socks when you are stripping. Not hot!

The 20 Club - 20th btwn 5th and 6th

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