This didn't happen on the subway exactly, but I really have no idea where else to post it. Haha. St. Patty's day is pretty wild in NYC, but I never knew to what extremes people took it. It turns into an entire weekend affair, as I learned last night around 8:30pm while I was walking up 6th Ave to go to dinner. There, in what I can only describe as an act of drunken desperation, I saw a grown woman pull her pants down and squat over a sewer drain at the corner of 48th and 6th. No, she didn't go hide in an alley or doorway to do her dastardly deed, but in the street right off the curb for all to see. As the steam billowed from the vent one could make out a stream of pee coming from the squatting lady's crotch. I even think I caught a glimpse of toilet paper stuck on her butt. I will forever be traumatized by this site, and hope to God I am never in that situation. On the bright side, at least she had the courtesy to pee over the drain. Gross.

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