Heatherette: Is this for real?

Some brands specialize in fine fabrics, others ornate detailing, and some even venture into the realm of couture. Heatherette, on the other hand, specializes in serving up garments that would remind anyone of an acid trip gone awry. It is astonishing to me that they even get to show in the tents at Bryant Park. The show and afterparty is a mirror of the crowd that shows up at Hiro on Sunday nights (lovingly called Gay Church) with a dash of socialite or celeb thrown in for good Fashion Week fodder. Can you even imagine Anna Wintour showing up at this show?? I would cancel my 10-year-running Vogue subscription immediately. You have to love how Glenda the good witch is super-tranny Amanda Lepore.

Click here to check out the highlights of Fall 07

PS - Run to Macy's Junior department to check out Heatherette's Middle-America appropriate line.

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