Sing Sing

No, I am not talking about the infamous NY state penitentiary....I am talking about the wild karaoke bar on the Lower East Side. I am not a huge karaoke person (I really think I am tone deaf), but I have never had so much fun singing my ass off in my life. Sing Sing is a completely unpretentious place, and pleasantly lacking the tool/diva/drunkard disaster stage. The best thing to do is to grab your own private room in the back where it turns into less karaoke more drunken bar singing with your friends. I think we stuffed 15 people in our room complete with big-screen TV, microphones, and couch. Oh ya....and as any Japanese businessman would require, there was plenty of booze too. Yikes. I have to advise...beware what you say post-alcoholic beverages when the mic is in your hands. The damnedest things will come out of anyone's mouth. Love it!

Sing Sing - Ave A btwn 5th and 6th Street

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