Ron Mueck @ The Brooklyn Museum

I originally ventured off the island to the Brooklyn Museum to see the Annie Leibovitz's A Photographer's Life exhibit. Before waiting in the never ending line for entry I decided I might as well check out the Ron Mueck exhibit. I was blown away by the works shown. It was truly unlike anything I have ever seen before. All works are of people shaped out of fiberglass and silicone and look completely real. Before entering, the preface to the exhibit stated that you don't look at his watch them. Nothing could be more true. You watch them as if you are waiting for them to move or breath. The Spooning Couple (above) was my favorite. It looked so incredibly real I think I stood there for a good 10 minutes examining every last toenail and finger. Everything from the hair (inserted piece by piece) to the skin tone to the wrinkles on the feet is eerily real. Absolutely amazing. Definitely a great reason to head over to Brooklyn, and at least now you won't have to fight the Annie Leibovitz crowd.

Ron Mueck @ The Brooklyn Museum through Feb 4

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