Museum @ FIT

What a neighborhood gem I have found!! After countless times exiting the subway on 28th and 7th Ave, and walking past the Museum at FIT, I finally made the long journey down the street to check it out this past Saturday. This is a great museum if you want to grab a little culture, are fascinated by fashion, and don't have time to spend all afternoon at one of NYC's larger museum monstrosities. I took in two exhibits: one about how color has played a role in fashion over the last two hundred or so years (the black Halston is forever burned into my brain. Gorgeous), and the other is a collection of garments from Ralph Rucci (amazing craftsmanship coupled with truly modern design). It took me about an hour or so to get through both exhibits, and I am totally one of those people who reads everything. The collections rotate fairly often so there always seems to be something new. Oh ya, and best of is FREE.

The Museum at FIT - 28th and 7th Ave.

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