Lohan in Rehab.....I am SHOCKED! (the publicity cycle rears its ugly head)

Shocking news eh, Lindsay Lohan is in rehab. Let me entertain you with one of my conspiracy theories.....this is all part of the publicity game. Yes, you know the drill, and we have seen it before from countless young celebs. Party your ass off = lots of press = known as the "bad girl". Then, time for an image change = lots of press = known as the "girl trying to clean up her act". This also applies to sickly thin chicks (nicole, lindsay, kate) who get so skinny they are on the verge of collapse then somehow come to their senses and start eating again...both extremes making headlines in US Weekly. And many are repeat offenders in multiple categories. The cycle keeps going in a continuous back and forth which somehow garners mega publicity (I heard of this on cnn.com which is a whole other commentary on how "news" now caters to the lowest common denominator). If Lindsay really wanted to clean up her act she would remove herself and Mom, Dina, from Bungalow 4 nights a week. Hey, if you are only in shitty movies, you have to find another way to stay famous.

On a side note, doesn't Lindsay's mom totally remind you of Regina George's mom in Mean Girls? Hmmmmmmm.

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