Gonzalez y Gonzalez - WORST Mexican Food Ever

As a self proclaimed connoisseur of all things Tex-Mex I decided to take a little break from shopping in Soho and check out Gonzalez y Gonzalez. I knew it was owned by the same people as my beloved El Rio Grande, so I figured I was in for a treat. I could not have been more wrong. First of all, the service was awful. I know it was busy with all of the 5 tables of people, but we truly waited 10 minutes before someone even came to grab our drink order. Enough about that though....I will cut straight to the chase on the food. My chalupa (basically a flat taco) was like a plate of nachos and had a slightly chemical taste coupled with a smell that could only remind me of diapers and baby wipes. SICK. Maybe it was our proximity to the stairs to the rest room, but I could barely put them by my nose, let alone in my mouth. I got a similar reaction to Todd's dish. Please, I beg you......eat anywhere else.

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