Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

I know it's mid-December, and I am sure your weekends are booked from here through New Years, but if you have a spare Friday or Saturday you must host an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. I had one last weekend, and it was a complete riot. Who doesn't love to see their most fashionable friends look like complete fools. It is tricky though to find a sweater that is 1)heinous, 2)cheap, 3)no one else will have. The Goodwill is ok if you are not disturbed by the fact you are wearing someone else's sweater (who obviously had the bad taste to wear it, but ultimately came to their senses and gave it away). TJMaxx had some truly horrid specimens, but they were over $60. Burlington Coat Factory was the best bet. $13 for an embroidered sweater vest. It is shocking that people actually wear this stuff. The best part was when one woman complimented me on what a gorgeous sweater I had, and if I could point her in the direction where I got it. OMG I almost died. The laughs never end with this one. Each one is worse than the last!

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