Marc Jacobs + Jason = Round 1MM

You know I can't resist my fav nerdy fashion designer/rent boy couple. Here is the "update" courtesy of NY Daily News. Thanks for the old news!! I knew about this months ago!

Report of split not so far off the Marc

Looks like designer Marc Jacobs wants nothing to do with his one-time boyfriend, hardbodied former rent boy Jason Preston.

We reported last month that the pair had split, which earned us this electronic tongue-lashing from Preston: "We're still happily together. DAMN, get your facts straight & stop hating." And true, the couple looked cuddly at a Nov. 14 party.

But now it seems the twentysomething Twinkie might have to change his "Marc Jacobs" forearm tattoo to "Markdown."

We ran into Jacobs yesterday at the premiere of Michael Lucas' flashy high-budget skin flick "La Dolce Vita." Asked how Preston was doing, Jacobs told us, "I couldn't tell you. I haven't seen him. I haven't spoken to him. I don't know what he's doing. And if he told me, I'm not sure I would believe him, because he's not a very honest person."

Ouch. Preston didn't respond to our E-mails yesterday, but we did suspect the worst when, a mere two weeks after Preston defended his relationship with Jacobs, our own Ben Widdicombe reported the ex-hustler making out with gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

When did things go sour? A source tells us it may have been a night the couple spent with friends at the gay lounge Therapy, when Jacobs was introduced to a handsome young fellow, who will remain nameless for now.

The designer gave the 23-year-old a warm greeting on Tuesday, and we hear he was to be a guest at Jacobs' holiday masquerade party last night.

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