Macys: A Stampede Waiting to Happen

We have all heard new stories from far off lands about people getting trampled to death. I distinctly remember a story about thousands of people on a pilgrimage crossing a bridge. A rumor of a bomb threat spread through the masses and hundreds of people were trampled to death by a human stampede. I confronted a similar situation this past weekend at Macy's Herald Square (or what I like to call the epicenter of American consumerism at its worst). It was almost scary being in there. You had to wait in a line to use the escalator, you could barely walk at a snail's pace, and all over were tourists clutching their belongings as if they were going to become the next victim of an NYC mugging. The ingredients were all there: excitement, jumpiness, and so many people it looked like one of those Discovery channel videos where ants from the Amazon overtake anything that comes in their path. One wrong move or fire alarm and we all would have been crushed.

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