Barneys at Northpark...Wake Up Dallasites

I took a little journey to Northpark Mall yesterday, and was excited to check out the brand new Barneys (ah yes, a little bit of NYC in the heart of the Metroplex). I was absolutely shocked to find that there were about 5 customers (including me and my mother) in the entire store. Now I know that it seems like luxuriously witty Barneys from NYC has come to rain on your stodgy Neiman Marcus parade, but give me a break. The Winter Sale is in full force, and what was a deluge of everyone and their mother in Manhattan was nothing more than a trickle in Dallas. New plan: forget fighting the crowds in NYC, I'll just save my sanity and come to Dallas. This is a goldmine!

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  1. Barbara! I had no idea you were a weblog fan! You are officially a link on my blog. Holler!


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