Bare Naked!

I'm definitely not a tree-hugger granola type girl, but on a cold winter's morning I love oatmeal. Not the runny kind that reminds me of three bears and porridge or looks like oatmeal puree, but the thick meaty kind with chunks and fruit bits, etc. After years of eating Quaker Oats Cinnamon Roll oatmeal (which is right on par with crack in it's addictiveness), which is loaded with high fructose corn syrup (honey, no) I made the switch to Kashi oatmeal. Truthfully, eating that was like a kid forcing down medicine. It tasted like cardboard and had the nastiest gelatinous texture. YUCK! As a last resort I tried Bare Naked Oatmeal (I got mine at Whole Foods), and I absolutely love it. There are actual dried blueberries in the fruit flavored one, and it is absolutely delicious with just the right mix of mushiness and texture. Seriously, give it a whirl. Your body will thank you.

Bare Naked Granola

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  1. omg I know the guys who own this granola company-they both used to work at food bar(hence why its on the food bar menu) and are so HOT. we need to track them down and start getting some free granola......


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