Zents are Zelicious

I am well aware that candles are the 21st century's "old cat lady", but I don't care..I think they smell fabulous, and no one likes a stinky apartment. I came across the Zents line of candles, bath things, and scents in Sulphur Springs TX of all places, so I was pleasantly surprised to go to their website and discover they are sold all over (even in NYC yay). I am now and addict and everyone I know will be getting them as presents. Haha JK. The scents are fresh, clean, and modern which I love, and the packaging is classy and minimal. I am so over those status candles with huge lables ie- Diptyque ($75 ya right), Tocca (the worst burning candle I have ever bought--black soot everywhere), Henri Bendel etc. I got the Water candle which smells just like Bali, and I love the Fig body spray as well. Loves it!


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