So, I have been in Texas with my family for the past few days. Talk about culture shock going from Manhattan to my grandparent's house in Sulphur Springs. I have decided to compose a list of the most 'Texas' things I have done/witnessed over the Thanksgiving break.
  • The water tastes like mud
  • I am going to die if I hear one more person talk about the drought
  • My 15 year old cousin running around in camo and carrying a shotgun
  • Wal-Mart (enough said)
  • I ate at a restaurant that had 'shell-your own peanuts' as an appetizer
  • Pick up trucks with 4 wheels in the back (seriously)
Now, I am the first one to reprimand people for abusing stereotypes about Texans, but I feel I can personally get away with knocking them since I was actually born here and lived in Texas for 21 years. I am, however, really looking forward to going to Chuy's (one of my fav Austin places with a Dallas location) and having delicious Mexican food for dinner tonight. That is one thing NYC can't hold a candle to Texas on. I love queso!

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