NYC Marathon 2006

I have made it an annual event to go watch the New York City Marathon the past two years. I find it one of the most inspiring events I witness the entire year. It's not just barefoot Kenyans running, but fat people, skinny people, young people, old people, people in wheelchairs, blind people with guides, etc. who have trained for months to be able to even compete. It is truly a great thing to watch because most people's goal is just to finish the thing. And I am not going to lie...we do laugh at the guy with the bloody nipples or the lady with snot on her face. I applied to run this year, but they cap registration at 35,000, and I did not get chosen in the lottery. There is always next year. It was super cool to get to see Lance Armstrong running this year too. He totally had a posse of 7 people around him and instead having a number, his just said LANCE. Enough said...the man is an athletic bad ass.

Such an Inspiration.

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