Macys = Waaaa Waaaaa

On the Eve of the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade I just want to inform you all non-New Yorkers that Macy’s Herald Square is a total dump. It is a complete joke of a department store among Manhattanies. I would compare it to K-Mart (you know, trapped between Wal-Mart cheap and Target trendy) but in this case it is trapped between K-Mart (yes, there are K-Marts in Manhattan) and Barneys/Bergdorfs/etc. Even Bloomingdales is a huge step up from Macys. On any given day you can be sure to find 85% tourists, 12% the most ghetto people you can possibly imagine, and 3% those of us who live here and trying to get in and out as quickly as possible without making eye contact with anyone. God forbid anyone actually see me leave there with the “Way to Shop” Macys bag.

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