Jason + Marc Sitting in a Tree

So glad he is setting the record straight. My lovely friend Jason Preston is on Perez Hilton today. Now all he has to do is get rid of the potty mouth Plastic. We need to go to Bungalow again stat...Love you babe!

All is right with the world again!!!

Despite a false report today in the NY Daily News that they had broken up, style savior Marc Jacobs and his own private Idaho, Jason Preston, are still very much together.

Marc's man came to PerezHilton.com to set the record straight right.

He tells us, "Marc and I are still together & very happy. I was at the Out 100 party (over the weekend) with friends and Marc was not in town because he was in Paris working. He is now here in NYC and we are out & about putting all those rumours to rest. Much love!!! Keep up the hottest website. Love ya bitch!!"

And there you have it!!

We can go back to enjoying Jason's naked pictures now.

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