James Bond - Casino Royale

I am a huge James Bond fan, so I while I was very excited about Casino Royale, I didn't know what to expect from Daniel Craig (the new James). I spent my youth watching Bond movies hoping to become a hot, sexy spy...maybe that's why I can't get enough of the SexyBack video. Well, I was not disappointed in any way. Daniel Craig is definitely the opposite of pansy Pierce Brosnan and more rugged than the original Bonds. Basically, he is more rough around the edges than previous Bonds, but he cleans up quite well. The story puts Bond in a high stakes poker game to take money away from his nemesis who plans on funding terrorism with the winnings. A bit out there, but nothing out of line by Bond standards. The one thing I really appreciated was that his lady was not some ridiculous nuclear physicist (a la Denise Richards...ya right), but was an accountant (very plausible). And, I loved the Austin Powers 2 twist at the end. This is a must see for Bond lovers, if your true calling is to live a life of danger and glam factor, or if you just want to see one hot English man in a little Euro swimsuit. HOT.

Check out the trailer. YUM.

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