For the Hair Down There...

Ladies, you must make sure the curtains match the carpet. We know you all aren't true brunettes, red heads, or blondes (especially you Texas girls and the blonde obsession). I have not personally tried this, but I can't resist passing the word along. Seriously, we have all seen the Sex and the City when Samantha finds the gray one and tries to remedy it with a disastrous outcome. Crotches that look like a red Bozo the Clown wig are not hot. I'll stick with my trip to Brazil every other month.

Check it out Betty Beauty

1 comment:

  1. This is just a product, that in my humble opinion, should be stripped from the shelves. Why highlight a negative characterisic if you can remove it. Not only do I cringe at the thought of ANYTHING but the slip n' slide...the LAST thing that I want to see is it in a color that attracts more attention. I can fins it on my own, thanks.


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