Armani Event

One of my favorite things about living in NYC is looking in the mail box and seeing that distinctly large envelope, always on nice, heavy stock paper, with your name and address laser jetted on the front. This can mean only one thing....the invitation. This obviously means the one most important thing: free booze. Regardless if it is a trunk show, makeup event, Fashion Week party, etc the drinks and the goodies are always the draw.

Last night I went to an Armani Cosmetics event at Barneys. As soon as I stepped in the Penthouse on the 8th floor I was handed a glass of Veuve (this supposedly loosens the wallets of stingy chicks like myself). Delicious looking desserts were carried on trays, but in true NYC fashion, no one touched them. After yapping with some of my comrades for a while (and a few glasses of champers later) I sat down to my 'Holiday Look' make over. Considering the booze I drank and the highly over-priced makeup I bought it about equaled out. What can I say....I love having champagne and having someone do my make up on a Wedesnday night.

Only in New York kids.

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