I can easily say that I have never been to a movie that was completely sold out on a Wednesday night.....until I saw Borat. The audience was completely rilled up like it was a Saturday night instead of a rainy Wednesday, and all for good reason. This is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. No one is spared from Borat: Jews, Christians, blacks, gays, women, fat people, frat boys, Americans, Kazachistanis, but he can totally get away with it because you fall in love with his ignorance. It is filmed as a documentary so I assume these are real, candid answers from the people he interviews. He discovers America from NYC to LA in his quest to find his true love: Pamela Anderson and along the way exposes every type of American stereotype: the asshole New Yorkers, black gangsters from Atlanta, gay bashing war loving yokels, crazy evangelical Christians, a nice Jewish couple, and typical frat boys. I almost peed in my pants during the NOT joke. Go see Borat, but get your tickets in advance because it will likely be sold out.

Borat the Movie: check it

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