The Birkin Off

This is so New York. My friend Sara was walking down 5th Ave being completely fabulous with her beautiful Birkin. For those of you who don't know what a Birkin is I pity you. It is the IT bag to end all IT bags. There is a waiting list just to get one; not to mention that they cost about $8k. So, in theory you could buy 7 Fendi Spy bags for the cost of a Birkin. Anyways, so Sara is strutting down 5th Ave with her Birkin and this other woman with her own respective Birkin bumps into her. The battle ensues...who is going to be Queen of the Birkins. The old UES bag says "excuse you!" to Sara, to which she replies back "no, excuse you!" to which UES responds "NO, Excuse You!", to which Sara says "NO, Excuse You". The war continues...UES, goes "NO EXCUSE YOU!", and Sara, not to be upstaged by anyone, goes "NO EXCUSE YOU AND YOUR FAKE NOSE!" Yes, she went there...then she scurried off down 5th Ave. No one rains on Sara's Birkin parade.

Only in New York kids, only in New York.

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