Mint Up Your Mouth

I discovered CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine in Chicago, and it has become a staple inall my bags. So, I was way too excited about moving to NYC and being able to go to the original location (started in 1838) at 6th Ave and 9th Street. I would now be able to get my nectar right from the source! I have the old standard, clear, and an whole array of tinted ones. This mint-infused lip gloss/balm smells great and give your lips a super high gloss. The peppermint supposedly freshens breath, but in reality you end up licking it off your lips (yum). I also love how it is in the squeeze tube. The last thing I want to do after riding the subway is stick my nasty fingers in a pot of gloss then touch my lips. Hello grossness! If I were stranded on a desert island I would only hope to have this with me. And....if there was a McDreamy on the island I am sure he would appreciate my minty fresh breath and super shiny lips.

Get it now....

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  1. Hey Babs,

    I realize this is an old post, but as I was perusing your witty blog, I noticed it. I discovered this lip shine (as I am a mint-aholic--anything minty is ace in my book) right before Jason and I got married (crap--almost 4 years ago) and have been an addict every since. In fact the other day I slapped some on before my second round of students at the elementary school where I teach art (everyone hates when a teacher is in your face AND has coffe breath) and my little first grader says, ever so sweetly, "Mrs. Greenlee, why does your face smell so good and minty?" Case closed.


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