One Night Stand - The Windy City

So you are trapped in Chicago for 24 hours for work, wedding, family reunion, insert lame reason for traveling here. You might as well make the most of your time assuming the weather isn't so cold that you feel like your face is going to fall off. Trust me..I lived there for 2 years, and it does get like that. So, here are my top picks for a day in Chicago that doesn't involve touristy BS. Do it like the locals:

1- For you athletic types a run along Lake Michigan is essential. Thew view is gorgeous.

2- Brunch at Gibsons (Rush and Elm) - Great food and much less cheeseball than Tavern on Rush across the street
. They don't call it the Viagara Triangle for nothing.

3- Afternoon in Lincoln Park/Wrigleyville - Take the Brown Line to Armitage and meander your way up Halstead Street. You will find tons of great boutiques including a Barney's Coop and get a taste of the DePaul crowd. You can either keep going north on Halstead to see Boys Town(if are accompanied by boyz- with a 'z'), or make a left on Clark and check out Wrigley Field (definitley for straight guys who like beer and hot dogs/nachos).

4- Dinner at Blackbird (Randolph and Jefferson) - THE best restaurant in the Chicago. Make a resie though cause it is a small place and books up fast. Check it.

5- Booze it up true Chizzle frat boy style at McFaddens (Rush/Division). Do like the Chicagoans and drink beer, listen to White Snake, and pretend you are in college with a paycheck.


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