Like Sesame Street for Adults

Puppets swearing, watching Internet porn, telling racist jokes, showing furry puppet boobs, and HAVING SEX....what's not to love about Avenue Q. I know this show came out a few years ago, but I just saw it this weekend with my parents. It was absolutely hilarious: from songs about everyone being a "little bit racist" to watching two puppets pound each other after downing long island ice teas to the landlord being Gary Coleman. The show follows Princeton, a new college grad in his search for finding his purpose in life while navigating his new neighbors in NYC including a monster addicted to porn, a slutty lounge singer, closet gay "Odd Couple" type roommates, and many others. The show is great in that all the characters are played by puppets which can get away with a hell of a lot more scandal than real people (even though the person working the puppet is saying/singing everything). And...the best part was that my parents though it was great too.

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