Just Not Meant for the Suburbs

Every morning on the subway I see these great ads for Manhattan Mini Storage (lame I know) and the tag line is "You're Just Not Meant for the Suburbs". I always have a little giggle to myself over them mainly because a) I am so not a suburbs person, b) I grew up in the suburbs of Dallas so I am allowed to laugh at it, and c) I have seen those scenarios in action first hand.

My two favorites are the trailer park dudes sitting in their front lawn wearing wife beaters and looking like they are one step above the double wide they use to live in (once again I hearken back to my Texas days where my neighbor actually had a shell of a hot tub in his backyard for a few years and an old rusty, brown van in front of his house), and the other ad has a guy is swatting at a giant wasps nest with a tennis racket (our dads all have done this at one time or another with dire consequences).

Regardless, it makes me really appreciate that I live in Manhattan even if it involves making myself believe that $900k for 1br apartment is a pretty good deal, thinking it is perfectly ok to get drunk on Sunday afternoon at brunch, and aspiring to have a house in the Hamptons (Montauk is not the Hamptons). Haha.

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