Dude, You're Getting a Dell

The normal Sunday night crew converged on Tortilla Flats, the local haven known for lethal margaritas, so-so mexican food, and Sunday night Trivial Pursuit (with tequila shots as prizes for the winners).

Our waiter was friends with Zoe, and after chatting it up for a few minutes we knew we were in the midst of a pop culture celebrity. That is right....our waiter was the Dell Dude. You know those Dell commercials from a few years ago with Steven, the guy who tells people, "Dude, you're getting a Dell." Anyways, the campaign was wildly popular and a huge success for Dell.

Poor Steven was dropped from his contract after getting busted buying pot in NYC. I have the exclusive scoop straight from the horse's mouth: So, he was an acting student at NYU while doing the Dell commercials. Dell said they would work around his school schedule but then didn't. He missed so many days of class shooting commercials (not smoking gaunj) that he flunked out of school due to sheer number of absences. Then, after the run-in with the law, Dell dropped him from his contract, and therefore he had no money to pay for school. So now he is working at Tortilla Flats and lives in Williamsburg. He also obviously didn't learn his lesson, because he joined one of my friends for a little nose powdering in the bathroom.

Lesson of the day: Everyone loves a comeback story!! You can do it Ben!!

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