Be a Glamour Diva for $22

I can't rave enough about DiorShow mascara, and I would literally scream from the rooftops about how much I love it. It is thick and goopy (but goopy in a luxurious and sexy way) and makes you look like you could possibly be wearing fake lashes without the messy glue or the threat of waking up with a band of lashes half-hanging off your eye. Not sexy. It lengthens, separates, volumizes, and any of those other buzz words the makeup industry uses. I totally feel like a 40's film glamour diva when I use it. So worth the $22. Being a gloss and mascara girl, I have tried many-a-mascaras in my time, but I always keep going back to this--or cursing myself for trying something else. This is a crucial tool in any make-up arsenal!

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